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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Remembering Mom

All three kids have been sick. Not fun. For me or them. Caring for them takes me down memory lane a bit. Mind if I reminisce a bit? I think I will anyway:)

When my brothers and I were sick, Mom would have us sleep on the sofa in the den. She would pull Dad's recliner over so she could be close to us just in case we needed her during the night. Being a light sleeper, she was right by our side should we make a move, cough, sneeze, or just need to know she was still there.

When we would feel better, Mom would ask us what we felt like eating. Nothing would be too much trouble even if it meant she would have to make a trip to the grocery.

Mom would keep us home one extra day from school just to make completely sure we were well enough.

I can't say I have my kids sleep on the sofa and me in a recliner. I did keep the kids near me when they were babies. I do sleep lighter when I know they are sick should they need me. I do take food requests for when they are feeling better. Since I home school, the kids don't get that extra day off from school. I guess you could say I did learn a few things about nursing the sick from my mom.

I hope my walk down memory lane helps you take one too. I must go now so I can attend to that cough I just heard. A trip to the grocery might be needed as well.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's a new year already. I feel as though the past year has zoomed past. Did I accomplish the things that were most important? Did I keep my priorities in order?

As I reflect 2010 and look forward to 2011, I pray that I not cry over spilled milk but rather keep my focus on what is most important. God, family and friends.

I would like to share a few high lights from the year.

Thanks for viewing!