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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Traditions aka Memories

Building memories with my family is very important to me. I want Lizzy, Anthony and Seth to have stories to rehash over and over when they are grown up. As much as I want them to stay my little ones for ever, I know we will all laugh at stories that begin with, "Hey guys, remember when...?"

At Christmas we build memories by having our own special time to exchange gifts together. We build memories with special friends when we attend Christmas Eve service in Decatur, IL at Grace Methodist Church. The past few years we begin our Christmas season with a stop in Mountainburg, Arkansas to visit with Uncle Joe and Aunt Gina.

Some of the activities each Christmas is dependent upon schedules, and travel time. However, there is one tradition that takes place every year. It's our annual Christmas Date Night. Each Christmas my husband takes Elizabeth out for dinner and a night of shopping. Anthony Jr. and I have our night out to dinner and shopping too.

We began this tradition when Lizzy and Anthony were about 5 or 6. It began as an opportunity for me to finish shopping for daddy and Lizzy without them being with me. Then, we learned from a parenting program that the best way teach your kids about dating is take them on special dates. That way they learn how to treat and be treated.

Tonight was date night for Anthony Jr. and I. I have to mention that since he has been earning his own money for the past couple years, he pays for these dates out of his own money. This year was special as Anthony was able to really escort me properly having his driver's permit. We took our night out on the town to Houma. Watching Anthony pick out presents for his sister and younger brother just makes me so proud of him. Every year is more special that the last.

Realizing that Seth is now 6, I am going to start making these yearly memories together as well. With his out look on life and unique personality, I should be able to blog a book as we make and share the coming years together.

I end todays ramblings with a word of encouragement to my family and friends to make some memories this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

She's Still My Baby

Elizabeth celebrated her 17th birthday November 30. I can't believe she is almost all grown up. I only have a few short years left with her living at home before she takes life by the reigns and trots off.

I will never forget the day she was born. Her Grandma's screams of delight upon learning she just received her first granddaughter was thrilling. Let's not forget about the red hair!

Elizabeth and I have laughed, cried, prayed, camped, shopped (a little), and played together. She and her siblings are my best friends. I just can't imagine what my life will be like when she is all grown up. So I've decided she will always be my baby.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Wish Lists

When Elizabeth and Anthony (now 17 and 15) were Seth's age (6), they were always wanting something. The good parents we are (lol) started them making lists. If they had something they wanted, they put said item(s) on a list. Then, they could work toward getting the prized possession. The other option was to put said item(s) on their 'Birthday Wish List" or "Christmas Wish List".

This idea has worked wonderfully. Over the years the wish lists have just become "The List". With the understanding that you may or may not get said items, Daddy and I would use these lists to give us an idea of what was important and of interest.

While driving to church the other night, Seth and his friend, Jonathan, were discussing what they wanted for Christmas. Seth told Jonathan about his list . Jonathan says, "Oh, you mean a wish lists?" "No!" Seth replies, "it's not a wish list, it's a list of things I'm getting." I realized instantly that I was in deep trouble. How did he misunderstand?

I have my work cut out for me this Christmas Season. We will have to do a lot of talking about "Wish Lists" and what they mean. We will have to go back to "Birthday Lists", "Christmas Lists", and "Want Lists".

I want to forever have a place set aside in my home for all three kids to write their wishes upon. They will always be my babies no matter how big they get. Shh.....don't tell them I just said that.

Here Goes Nothing

First of all, let me just go ahead and say it. I'm a terrible writer. I've wanted to start a blog for a while now. But then that would mean every one else would know what a terrible writer I really am.

Today, I decided I may as well take the plunge. Good or bad. Spelling errors. Grammar problems. Whatever. It's more important to share and record the happenings of my life than to always wish I had. I'd love to be an eloquent writer. Maybe my writing skills will improve. Either way I'm going for it.