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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vegas at Night

Las Vegas Pictures

This was the view from our hotel room. We stayed at South Point

A Statue of Liberty made of Jelly Beans!

And An Adventure It Was

I thoroughly enjoyed going to Las Vegas, NV with my best friend. He was there for a work related conference. I went along for the ride. Actually, I went along because he wanted me to.

We've been married just over 20 years and had never taken a trip of that distance. When I say distance, I mean leaving our kids with friend and traveling well over a thousand miles for several days.

Arriving at the Las Vegas Air Port had me feeling very overwhelmed and wondering what possessed me to leave my kids at home so I could have some fun and one on one with my hubby. I was glad Anthony had been to Las Vegas before. He had everything taken care of ahead of time so getting from the Air Port to the Hotel was a smooth transition.

If I wasn't overwhelmed at the Air Port, I definitely was upon arriving at the Hotel. People can explain what a gambling hotel is like but the experience is another thing entirely. O.K. I admit, I don't gamble and am a bit naive. The noise from the slot machines was a bit much for me. I was glad to get settled in our room.

There is a two hour time difference between Louisiana and Nevada so we decided to turn in and get up early for the next days adventures.

The morning of day 2 we quickly went down to "The Strip" so we could decide what show and attractions we wanted experience. After selecting a few and booking a tour of Hoover Dam, we were off and walking "The Strip". I guess here is a good place to post some pictures.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Adventure Begins

Emergency contact and medical release forms signed, witnessed, and notarized. Home instructions both emailed and left typed for the sitter. Three precooked meals left in the refrigerator. One very trusted friend entrusted with the care of my kids for the next 5 days. What am I thinking leaving my kids to accompany my husband to Las Vegas! The big kids have assured me I should go. The little guy says to bring him back a surprise. I guess that means I go with their blessing. And so I will try. Plane leaves in 10 min.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kitchen Science

Seth has fun with with baking soda and vinegar.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Seth finds friends every where he goes. It doesn't matter whether he knows their name or if he will ever see them again.

Some friends are furry!

Some are beautiful!

Big Brothers can be crazy friends:)

Some Friends pray for you!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Queens Contest

For weeks Elizabeth has been practicing for the Queens Contest at the Atchafalaya Bit and Bridle Club. Today was the big day. The Contest was not a beauty pageant. Had it been, I would not have allowed her to participate. The Contest was an exhibition of horsemanship.

The Duties of a Queen: Represent and be proud of your club. Always be kind and willing to help others. Wear your crown and banner to every event you could possibly make. Ride in Parades, Ride in grand entries. Help to raise money for next years contest.

Winners will be announced at the first ABBC Horse Show in March. Will she win? I don't know. What I do know is that she did her best. Regardless of the out come, she is my Queen. Whether she wins the contest or not, I pray that she exhibits the traits worthy of a Queen.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't Judge By The Cover

Don't judge a book by it's cover. Heard that a million times. In regards to people, what about first impressions? In a job interview, the first impression is so important. How you present yourself, how you dress, how you speak, not say too much, not say too little, be yourself, sell yourself.

I was thinking lately about family and friends and what makes them who they are. If you are looking at their covers, you might see covers that are skinny, fat, gray-haired, funny, insecure, boisterous, wealthy, blue collar, or needy. Underneath these covers are some beautiful people.

I would like to zoom in on one little boy for a minute. He comes across loud, ADHD (not actually diagnosed), and mischievous. He has two speeds; full throttle and crash. He gets fussed at lot. He gets lots of rolled eyes. I get lots of looks from others that I interpret as, "Cant, you do something with him?" But all these things are just his cover. Underneath, there is a soft hearted little boy that can't stand the thought of people being mad at him. A little boy that wraps his arms around me every night and tells me, "Mommy, I love you as big as the earth!" A little boy that cried his heart out while watching "Letters To God". I just have to add that this little boy is only 6.

Remember as you go about, don't judge people by their covers. Look deeper.

God Bless,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Remembering Mom

All three kids have been sick. Not fun. For me or them. Caring for them takes me down memory lane a bit. Mind if I reminisce a bit? I think I will anyway:)

When my brothers and I were sick, Mom would have us sleep on the sofa in the den. She would pull Dad's recliner over so she could be close to us just in case we needed her during the night. Being a light sleeper, she was right by our side should we make a move, cough, sneeze, or just need to know she was still there.

When we would feel better, Mom would ask us what we felt like eating. Nothing would be too much trouble even if it meant she would have to make a trip to the grocery.

Mom would keep us home one extra day from school just to make completely sure we were well enough.

I can't say I have my kids sleep on the sofa and me in a recliner. I did keep the kids near me when they were babies. I do sleep lighter when I know they are sick should they need me. I do take food requests for when they are feeling better. Since I home school, the kids don't get that extra day off from school. I guess you could say I did learn a few things about nursing the sick from my mom.

I hope my walk down memory lane helps you take one too. I must go now so I can attend to that cough I just heard. A trip to the grocery might be needed as well.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's a new year already. I feel as though the past year has zoomed past. Did I accomplish the things that were most important? Did I keep my priorities in order?

As I reflect 2010 and look forward to 2011, I pray that I not cry over spilled milk but rather keep my focus on what is most important. God, family and friends.

I would like to share a few high lights from the year.

Thanks for viewing!