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Saturday, April 23, 2011

And An Adventure It Was

I thoroughly enjoyed going to Las Vegas, NV with my best friend. He was there for a work related conference. I went along for the ride. Actually, I went along because he wanted me to.

We've been married just over 20 years and had never taken a trip of that distance. When I say distance, I mean leaving our kids with friend and traveling well over a thousand miles for several days.

Arriving at the Las Vegas Air Port had me feeling very overwhelmed and wondering what possessed me to leave my kids at home so I could have some fun and one on one with my hubby. I was glad Anthony had been to Las Vegas before. He had everything taken care of ahead of time so getting from the Air Port to the Hotel was a smooth transition.

If I wasn't overwhelmed at the Air Port, I definitely was upon arriving at the Hotel. People can explain what a gambling hotel is like but the experience is another thing entirely. O.K. I admit, I don't gamble and am a bit naive. The noise from the slot machines was a bit much for me. I was glad to get settled in our room.

There is a two hour time difference between Louisiana and Nevada so we decided to turn in and get up early for the next days adventures.

The morning of day 2 we quickly went down to "The Strip" so we could decide what show and attractions we wanted experience. After selecting a few and booking a tour of Hoover Dam, we were off and walking "The Strip". I guess here is a good place to post some pictures.

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