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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Queens Contest

For weeks Elizabeth has been practicing for the Queens Contest at the Atchafalaya Bit and Bridle Club. Today was the big day. The Contest was not a beauty pageant. Had it been, I would not have allowed her to participate. The Contest was an exhibition of horsemanship.

The Duties of a Queen: Represent and be proud of your club. Always be kind and willing to help others. Wear your crown and banner to every event you could possibly make. Ride in Parades, Ride in grand entries. Help to raise money for next years contest.

Winners will be announced at the first ABBC Horse Show in March. Will she win? I don't know. What I do know is that she did her best. Regardless of the out come, she is my Queen. Whether she wins the contest or not, I pray that she exhibits the traits worthy of a Queen.

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  1. I know very few people that are more qualified to hold the title of Queen. Your daughter is a beautiful example of what being the Bride of Christ is, Christ, being her KING, of course! You should be so proud, Leslie